Office 2010

Our company recently started rolling out Office 2010 to anyone who needed any kind of computer fix. Problem is, no one knows how to use it yet, and we don’t have any formal training or support for Office 2010.

I’m in the process of learning Office 2010 so that I can offer a quick overview to my coworkers on the best new features and the biggest gotchas.

Are you using Office 2010?

What are your favorite new features? What drives you most up the wall? Have you figured out any cool new tricks, or ways to turn off the most irritating features? What about add-ins? If you use programs like SnagIt, Camtasia, Articulate, etc., have you run into any issues with your add-ins?

I’ll post a summary on Texxors a little later this fall with the top new features that we like (not the ones that Microsoft tells us we should like) and the top new irritants.

Office 2010
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