Why Pandora.com Sucks

For those of you who don’t know about Pandora, I am about to tell you what it is, and why it sucks. Pandora.com is a free internet radio service created by the Music Genome Project. The supposed draw of the service is that it customizes the music on a station that you create by choosing artists, songs and albums that you like. For example, if you enter Depeche Mode as an artist you like, Pandora will funnel songs and artists that are similar to Depeche Mode and their songs through the station. This sounds amazing, right? Well it’s not for several reasons:

Reason #1: If you hear a song or an artist you don’t like, you can rate it so it won’t play again by clicking a thumbs up or thumbs down – unfortunately, this feature doesn’t even work! How many goshdang times do I have to hear Christian rock songs by Reliant K disguised as “like Blink 182”? I don’t know how many times I have clicked thumbs down, yet it continues to play over and over again. And although you can create multiple “stations,” the ratings don’t carry over. So if I try to switch to a new station my recommendation does not carry over.

Reason #2: You can skip songs, but you are limited to 6 skips. Why? I think a song is awful, so I try to move on, but the next one sucks too, and so on and so forth. If I have tried to skip 6 songs, I am forced to listen to every song that plays thereafter for the next 60 minutes. Needless to say I use up my clicks in 5 minutes because this service is awful.

Reason #3: This is the most significant reason I hate Pandora – it never fails that 10 minutes into listening, Pandora crashes and/or slows down whatever else I have open on my computer. Isn’t the intent behind internet radio that we can listen to music at our desks? Well, unless you are allowed to sit and stare at your desktop all day, I wouldn’t recommend listening to Pandora while trying to do work, it’s just too painful.

I equate this situation to the whole independent coffee shop vs. Starbucks scenario – we all really want to patronize the indie shop, it’s good for neighborhoods, the environment and our souls, but inevitably, the wait is longer, they screw up your order, and not everything is always stocked. While I would like to support the Music Genome Project, their service sucks, so for now I will be on Yahoo! Music. Even if Yahoo does have some of the same problems, at least they don’t crash me.

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Why Pandora.com Sucks
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  1. Wendy says:

    I’m with you on this Tara, I’ve been a big fan of Yahoo Music for a while now – in fact, I even subscribe to the service so I don’t have to listen to commercials. There’s some cons to it as well, but doesn’t seem to be as bad as Pandora.com Nice review, very honest on the suckey-ness.

  2. Tom Conrad says:

    Hi Tara,

    Sorry you’ve had such a bad experience with Pandora. We’re constantly debating internally about things like “should your feedback on one station impact other stations” — it certainly helps to hear your feedback about this particular topic. We certainly don’t want to be playing a band you hate on any of your stations. We’ll keep working at that.

    The skipping thing is frustrating for us too; we simply aren’t allowed to give you unlimited skips. Yahoo has licenses for their subscribers that offer unlimited skips but that negotiation goes all the way back to 1998. Sadly, that particular style of license simply isn’t available to us today. Wish it was.

    Not sure what to say about your machine getting slow or crashing when you leave Pandora running for 10 minutes. I’ve never seen that behavior myself. Firefox/Flash does have a big memory leak that hurts us disproportionally to other websites, but it takes many hours in most cases for that to start impacting machine performance and even then a quick reload of the page clears the issue. Not sure what’s going on in your case… certainly wouldn’t want anyone to have the experience you describe.

    At any rate, thanks for the honest feedback. We’ll keep working hard to improve. Hope you’ll check back in from time to time to see if we’re doing better for you.


    CTO @ Pandora

    • Chris says:

      BS who cares about what he has to say about why something doesn’t work. These fuckers get paid good and these companys make fucking millions of dollars a year and they DO NOT put up the technology they should be and they make it outdated as soon as something comes out and not to mention everything in this fucking world has been created to fail or all these companys would be making shit that lasted forever. Pandora is no fucking better. Tom can kiss my ass. You think with all that money they made, they would be able to figure out any problem on the spot, fix it, give everyone what they want! We’ll shit if they did that then they wouldn’t have a business anymore. No one likes a 1 stop buy. Keep them coming in FOREVER. Fucking line them all up and shoot them all in the fucking head!!!

  3. Tara says:

    Thanks for your response Tom, it is always great to get feedback and a better understanding/explaination of why flaws exist. I still do listen to Pandora about once a week and will keep an eye out for progress :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    i agree compleatly

    also i think it seems syupid that if you type in a specific song you want to hear

    it just plays things aggravatingly close to it , but your never satified cause you cant hear the song you want , when you want to hear it!!

    wtf???? personally , i find no redeming qualities about pandora

    it sucks

    and if they could make it so you could skip every song you wanted to instead of being limited to 5 clicks , that would probly redeem it for me

    but alas

    pandora still sucks poop

  5. Anonymous says:

    One more reason why Pandora sucks: I heard so many good things about it that I decided to give it a try…but it was impossible to create a new account! I went up and down through their web page, looking for that link “Sign Up” that we normally find everywhere in the web nowadays. But, guess what…I couldn’t find it! I checked their “Help” section to see if there was any clue there, but all I found was this:

    How do I get started if I don’t have a Pandora account?
    Touch “I Am New To Pandora,” and fill in all required fields, then check acknowledgment of our Terms of Use and touch “Sign Up.”

    Where is this “I Am New to Pandora” located? I know many people is using this service, so somehow it must be possible to create an account, but for God’s sake it should be more intuitive and user oriented! How can anybody design such a bad web page. The window with the fields “email” and “password” that people normally uses to sign in doesn’t show a link or sentence like “Don’t have an account?”, “Create a new account” or a plain “Sign Up”!

    I know I’m not the only one experiencing this problem, just a quick search in Google proves my point. Anyway, I was so frustrated that I decided to use a different service. Amazing!


  6. Anonymous says:

    Same problems here – no matter how many times I ‘thumbs down’ The Beatles they still keep playing on my Pink Floyd station.

    Same problem with the memory leak as well.

    It also seems that their music collection is pretty limited. There are definitely bands that seem to be promoted(not another Helmet song!), and many that are underrepresented.

    Pandora seemed like a good idea, but I’m beginning to switch back to streaming radio. There’s a reason we have real people pick music – sorry but Pandora isn’t good enough yet.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Your statement is so spot on, I must quote it:

    “How do I get started if I don’t have a Pandora account?
    Touch “I Am New To Pandora,” and fill in all required fields, then check acknowledgment of our Terms of Use and touch “Sign Up.”

    Where is this “I Am New to Pandora” located? I know many people is using this service, so somehow it must be possible to create an account, but for God’s sake it should be more intuitive and user oriented! How can anybody design such a bad web page. The window with the fields “email” and “password” that people normally uses to sign in doesn’t show a link or sentence like “Don’t have an account?”, “Create a new account” or a plain “Sign Up”!

    I know I’m not the only one experiencing this problem, just a quick search in Google proves my point.”

    I concur with John, why it the present situation so? It definitely needs to be addrtessed imo.


  8. Anonymous says:

    i looked . think too many people were simply signing up for a new account so they disabled the feature for a while. i even deleted all cookies, new browser, etc, but to no avail

  9. Anonymous says:

    Pandora sucks. Now they want me to pay cause I listened to 30 somthing hours? It always stops playing…. “I’m still listening button” I hate you. You’d think they make enough money from the constant obnoxious adds. Like we couldn’t just go download any song we want now days. Give us a break..

    try Jango or LastFM both kick pandoras ass!!!!

  10. Luvebuggy99 says:

    I actually really like Pandora, except for lately where i have to pay for this crap. I work more than 40 hours a week and I listen to music the entire time, its BS that i can only listen to stupid pandora for 2 weeks then i have to pay to listen. F that! I just go elsewhere and if i find another radio station that i like better i’m damn sure going to leave pandora for good. I think its ridiculous, its suppose to be free, I’ve been a pandora member for a long time and all of a sudden they’re gettin greedy and charging even though they make us listen to stupid ads every 5th damn song. I’m extremely frusterated with pandora at this point and if something doesnt change they’re going to lose me and all my friends. I can’t even log out and log in to a different account because it saves my IP address and wont allow it. Its damn annoying and I’m very pissed off.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Actually it’s possible to make multiple accounts on Pandora and listen to it as much as you want. You simply have to find the pandora.com folder that’s on your computer somewhere, and delete the .sol files located within. Quick and easy, and it’s a way around Pandora’s rigid making money scheme.

    I personally like Pandora quite a bit, until this 40 hour a week thing started blocking me. Now I don’t have to worry about that, I found a way around it, but unfortunately I think it’ll also mean I loose my old radio stations. Ohh well, 40 more hours of music is worth it 😉

  12. Anonymous says:

    Dont forget that you can’t replay songs untill a certain time limit is expired. Pandora sucks. We can listen to anything we want on youtube, without all the stupid restrictions. I cant tell you how many times the FAQ said “our music licences don’t permt us” to do something.

  13. Anonymous says:

    It seems that pandora isn’t at fault then. Maybe the music “industry” is at fault for withholding music with an iron fist and charging too much for licensing. Pandora is a badass idea, but capitalism seems to be whats ruining it both inside and out. Its sad, really.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Pandora SUCKS!
    The ads have gotten over done on the site… it used to be just a banner now its a video clip ever 2 songs T.T

  15. Anonymous says:

    Far too many commercials. Previously I used to listen to pandora to find new things to listen to. Now there are a truly ridiculous amount of ads, in addition to there being video ads (Which are terrible) even when I listen to 4 seconds of a song and switch the station. To be honest my typical response is to remember the companies interrupting my enjoyable experience, and not buy things from them. But to be quite frank, I won’t be using pandora anymore because of the ludicrous amount of advertising, I will be advising everyone I recommended it to originally to do the same.

    Ironically the royalties they’re forcing you to pay, which caused you to increase advertising, which made more users leave have probably lead to more lost revenue on the part of labels. As I won’t be buying the music of any bands I do not know about, and this was the best method of hearing new music similar to what I already enjoy.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Everybody wants something for nothing. You gripe about commercials. You gripe about having to pay $30 a year (yes, an entire year!) for free, customized music. You gripe about network interruptions. Well, you get what you pay for…. and at zero cost that entitles you to no complaining! None! This is why Pandora is now asking for subscriptions to support their efforts. Pay a nominal fee, avoid the commercials and interruption in playtime. These people have spent a lot of time creating what I think is an incredible music experience. Perfect? Probably not. Superior to most options? Hell yes! Quit your bitching and pitch something in to support the project. $30 a year is so nominal it’s embarrassing that anybody would even complain about it.

  17. Anonymous says:

    yahoo music isn’t that great, its basically the same as good old winamp radio but with less choices + ads
    btw coffee shop vs. Starbucks scenario is a bad example but relevant to your argument, since Starbucks has lower quality coffee, longer wait times

  18. Anonymous says:

    i payed the $ and i still get ads, the only thing i got was unlimited thumb downs and skips

  19. Anonymous says:

    I agree – I used to love pandora and rep it to people I meet, who don’t know how to find new music.

    But, these ads. I can’t stand the video ads when I change my station, and I can’t play Pandora for social gatherings anymore because of the obnoxious audio ads every 5 minutes. I don’t want to listen to ads about Ludacris and Tag Body Spray on my Ambient or Classical music channels!? wtf, pandora?

    iMeem is a new and similar service with less BS. Pandora sucks.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Pandora used to work wonderfully, if I entered a band’s name I got music similar to that band.

    The last few times I’ve used Pandora ( and I’m sure today will be the last) I get increasingly more fustrated because I get GARBAGE that has nothing to do with the genre. For example how does Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog”, with its hard driving beat and screaming guitar relate to my Pink Floyd station, properly seeded with somber and relaxing tunes like Keep Talking, and One Slip?! I skip an skip and keep getting classic crap rock I am at Pandora to avoid. I took a suggestion and tryed to start a station based on a song title (again “Keep Talkin”) and got everything BUT that song or any thing resembling it. 30 seconds to mars?! .. REALLY?

    As for the skip feature ~ I have to say for lack of a better term ~ that sounds like crap. if I subscribe I can skip anything yet as a potential subscriber I’m stuck? Why would I pay for a service that can’t at least somewhat impress before they have their hands out? There are plenty of “free” stations that offer a better variety of artist and “accuracy of genre” without nearly as many ads. You supposedly play the music I want to hear, but I HAVE to listen to songs I don’t want to hear?? Guess what .. I DON’T! I can turn it off and at this point, and I’m pretty sure that’s what I’ll do from now on, unless the OLD Pandora returns.
    Until then .. I’M OFF TO SHOUTCAST!


  21. Anonymous says:

    Every damn reply on here has spelling errors. Stop listening to the radio and go take an English class.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I don’t mind the ads, the skipping limitations, etc.
    It’s free music, often things I’ve never hear before.

    The problem I have with it is that it seems to decide that it needs 90% of my cpu power just to exist, or something. What the heck.

    I can only accept this in those very rare moments, where I’m not actually using my computer for anything, but I’m still near it. And even then, because I don’t use it otherwise – since if you’re going to take that much of my CPU power, you better be taking that much of my attention, too, and though I listen to music just to listen to it sometimes, that’s no good the rest of the time…

    Well, tangent went, but because I don’t use it otherwise, I never think to use it when I wouldn’t mind using it.

    tl;dr pandora is DEAD to me. DEAD I say, DEAD!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Firstly, my time, my attention, and my personal information are not free, so Pandora is not”zero cost.” And who are you to say who can and can’t complain about what?

    Personally, if Pandora had done what I wanted, I would have gladly paid a fee to use it. My problem with it is that it fails in its main task; to accurately guess what kind of music I want to listen to. Pandora fails completely to consider “emotional content” or “thematic content” as subjects worthy of considering.

    For example, try and create a station that consists of dark-themed, slightly country songs about death and betrayal. Pandora will invariably suggest songs based on vocal harmonization and repeated chord patterns. It will get the country element, but it will suggest bouncy country and bluegrass music.

    I know certain elements of my station are subjective, but they should at least be considered.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I can’t find the pandora folder anywhere….. T.T

  25. Anonymous says:

    I have to say, I rep Grooveshark now….which is almost completely unlimited besides the one ad on the right side of it.

    ANYWAYS, to anyone that has ever had pandora suggested to them (of which i might have suggested it to you….) USE GROOVESHARK.COM INSTEAD. Same features as pandora when you enable the “Radio” or “AutoPlay” feature, but you can ALSO select SPECIFIC songs and make playlists of your own.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Are you idiotic? Out of skips? Hit refresh. Pandora isn’t paying for YOUR time. They are providing a service you can use for free, and then you bitch about it like they injured you. It’s like listening to a child complain at the supermarket and tell his mom he hates her because she didn’t buy something he wanted. Even though the child is still getting everything for free. Lag? Everyone I know, world across has had little to no trouble with pandora lagging or slowing down their PC after 10 minutes, let alone at all, that’s probably a shitty client side issue that has nothing to do with the Pandora service itself. As for it playing songs you don’t like, thumbs down, out of skips? Hit refresh. Durhur.

  27. Anonymous says:

    So after you reach your skip limit on Pandora it’s very easy to get around that.
    1. A song comes on you either you dont feel like listening or you gave it a thumbs down, but it wont skip the song.
    2. Just hit the refresh button on the top of your page, it will skip the song; and you can refresh the page as many times as you want I probly do it 12-20 times per day, be sure to rate the songs you hear before you refresh the page, otherwise they might play again.

  28. Anonymous says:

    you don’t get to listen to the song you wanted to all the time but something similar. If im in the mood to hear Veteran of the psychic war, then i wanna hear that, not some Ghey shitt that i didnt ask for it to play… UGH im so done with pandora, I could care less about the amount of hours, my reason is because i wanna listen to the song i picked, not the songs they want me to hear. Pandora can go to hell and burn in fiery Damnation!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    I was so frustrated I actually typed into google “I hate pandora” and found this blog. Sorry for my improper writing I’m not gonna edit this shit. It’s a waste of time even writing except to share why the service, Pandora, that I’m disgusted with, sucks.

    These are just some of the reasons…

    I’m trying to hear Citizen Cope “Let the Drummer Kick” from 2002. I heard it the other day and wrote it down so i could hear it again. I forgot about that song and really was in the mood to hear it. I go to pandora.com, type it in, oddly enough the song started to play “I think…” not sure since I couldn’t find the song name in all this tiny flash player text and I tend to move very fast on the Internet when I have stuff to do.

    Now sometimes I am playing Pandora and 15-20 minutes later it stops the song and makes me sign in… retarded. SOoo… I’m thinking, “I’m gonna be on the Internet for awhile so I mind as well sign in.” Everything is playing while it is asking for my login stuff, and if you’re familiar with Pandora they designed the flash player etc. so everything keeps playing while you browse etc… I sign in and it stops the song that is playing. GREAT! So now I go and try to play it again. Cant get it to play at all.

    I think they might play songs people want for unregistered users to lure them in… unknowing that once registered they will never be able to hear what they want when they want. FURTHERMORE, if you are using it as a radio station at work or doing computer tasks, I don’t know how long it is, but eventually it stops and asks “are you still there?” or some crap… so an hour later I’m wondering why I’m all stressed and I’m like hey what happened to the music? Sure enough I have to go find the pandora tab in firefox and click “im still here” or some crap. How frustrating!

    I am going to pay for a rhapsody subscription again. For the hassle Pandora puts you through I also label it “sucks”.

    The only upside is not having to spend time to make playlists. They usually play music I like.

  30. Anonymous says:

    About ads, I really don’t get any. Hey I don’t switch stations etc. I type in a song I want to hear, which of course I can’t, but Pandora picks some stuff I usually like and some of which I forgot about or haven’t heard before. So for that, good. Now about ads, I don’t really get too many in audio format. As far as ads on their page? I get none. I use the Ad Block Plus extension in Firefox and presto. Plus I never seen a video ad, like I said though, its a tab in Firefox, I don’t view the page or player unless I have to. It is frustrating when playing Call of Duty MW2 online though sometimes.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Peepal argh buzy u ideot who carez?

    I have a family, life, jobs, etc. to tend to. Some people are busy and would like to comment but don’t have a lot of time. Who really care’s if someone has some misspelled (< ----- firefox corrected that is it right?) words? If you can tell by their words that they are complete idiots then just disregard their content. Don't go off subject about some bullshit like spelling errors. Post about the subject, mind your business, or go pay for therapy to help you with your pet-peeve of online spelling errors on blog websites. It’s the internet. I would expect the blogger to write as well ass (you) possible but I don’t expect every comment to be a well thought out essay, proofread, reread, edited, etc. They are simple fast comments of random thought.

  32. Anonymous says:

    You hit the nail on the head.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Everyone on here sounds like a bunch of crying little bitches! You wanna know what really sucks in life? People who bitch and moan about Pandora. YOU ALL CHOKE ON THAT! I hope your computers blow up and burn your faces off………….

  34. Anonymous says:

    When are these companies going to realize that a poor advertisement campaign will only run customers away.

    Pandora is full of to much advertisement poor quality advertisement, and worse of all the wrong advertisement medium. Pandora is a radio station, why do they have slow loading video advertisement that does nothing more than tie up my computer.

  35. Anonymous says:

    You good sir are retarded, it’s a RADIO station not a bitch-till-I-hear-my-song station go to youtube for that and don’t bitch on blogs.

  36. Anonymous says:

    If you like crappy music, Pandora will play you music that is similarly crappy. It’s not Pandora’s fault you have bad taste. If you want to hear a specific song, play it on youtube or do a google search.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Yeah DUDE you are a fucking idiot ok like maybe one thing you said in the entire article actually made sense against pandora, Not to mention why the fuck did you even take the time to write an article speaking out against a FREE internet RADIO service b/c it wouldnt play the song you wanted to hear ….IT”S RADIO dude not and its run by a computer sorry that we didnt play every song u wanted to hear wow now i’m wasting my time just wanted to remind you it’s a free service man lighten up if you dont want to listen to it fine but dont say it sucks and or try to act like it’s useless it’s hours of free intertainment if you want every song you hear to be awesome buy go to i tunes or buy a fucking CD douche bag.

  38. Anonymous says:

    you are a fucking idiot. clearly you don’t deserve to hear good music if you think that 6 songs in a row suck ass. that is why they give you the option to choose the music you like by making new radios you dumbfuck. Pandora works just fine when i have multiple things up on my screen. your shit fails. next time you try to talk shit about something, read how dumb you sound, and then fix it to make sense so that everyone wont gun on you and make you look like more of an idiot.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Hey dude, I share your dislike-ness of Pandora.

    Try Grooveshark.com

  40. Anonymous says:

    I agree with what you say for the most part, but Pandora does not crash for us. Maybe your computer is just overloaded with data. Everything else you said is spot-on. Also – another reason Pandora sucks – you can only listen to 40 hours a month for free. I understand why, but that doesn’t make it any easier to swallow.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Pandora sucks!! I remember that while I start to use it last year, it will play the music for an hour before it stops. But now!!!!??? I have to hear the stupid Ads every 2-3 songs, That SUCKS!!!!!

  42. Anonymous says:

    i cant find a pandora or pandora.com folder anywhere on the hard drive…

  43. Anonymous says:

    are you a fucking idiot? Can you use a computer?

  44. Anonymous says:

    I too, have had a lot of trouble with Pandora. I typed in Pandora sucks and came across this blog.
    I think that the OP had some good points, but it never crashed for me, either. Its just that Pandora does not seem to have that big of a selection of music. Granted, that I only listen to one or two genres, but Pandora consistently replays songs, so much so that I can’t get away from two or three artists, over a couple of hours. When I do hear something I like, and I listen to other tracks by that artist, it usually turns out that those tracks suck balls. How is it that Pandora knows which song is the only good one?
    And there is a lot of music that I have that Pandora doesn’t know about. So its mostly useless.
    Furthermore, Pandora chooses aspects of an artist or song to select songs that are similar, but somehow it chooses the aspects that are what I do NOT like about that artist.

  45. Anonymous says:

    You claim that the author of this article is an “idiot” for sharing his opinion about Pandora and yet you [the idiot] spent the time necessary to read this article and then attacked its author without rebutting any of his opinions. Your contradictory actions lead me to one conclusion: you’re an idiot.

    I don’t know what your problem is but this article mirrored my feelings exactly. Kudos to the author.

  46. Anonymous says:

    As much as I was fond of Pandora initially, when the song skip limit was introduced sometime last year the service began to seem much more tedious than useful. I can never seem to find songs which I am fond of being played in MY “radio stations.” Instead, I am forcibly exposed to unrelated and distasteful music.

    In my opinion, Pandora’s success does not lie in simply providing the consumer with access to new music, rather it relies on a voluminous and solid foundation of music that the user can relate to which is then a short reach to unknown musical content. Pandora’s attempt to force its musical content on the user without access to the consumer’s musical favorites is its downfall.

  47. Anonymous says:

    1) This is a Blog. This individual has the right to discuss his feelings about this “service” and you have the right to not read it. If you disagree with his viewpoints, try presenting your rebuttal in a clear well presented manner which will encourage mature discussion. (hint: Try using appropriate punctuation.)
    2) Yes, Pandora is a free service, unless you choose to upgrade. This does not mean that the user is not allowed to comment on the service being offered to him. Pandora is being presented as a useful tool for the discover of new songs and artists. If the service being presented does not perform that function to the user’s satisfaction he has the right to pass on this information to others.
    3) This piece was written in 2007. I believe it’s a safe assumption that some aspects of the service being discussed have changed, thereby solving some of the difficulties.
    4)This is not strictly “radio” and has not been advertised as such. Welcome to the year 2010! You may find that some things have changed since the 1980’s.

    As it stands, enough of us have been frustrated by Pandora’s “usefulness” to find and read this blog.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Just download CCleaner check all the boxes and bam, you can log into your other account

    CCleaner is free***check every box in Internet explorer***

    I’ve been doing this since they put that 40 hour crap, I have 3 accounts and they last me all month

    Happy listing

  49. Anonymous says:

    those audio ads really cut into my listing….plus every time you switch channels..theres another one waiting just for you.

    grooveshark is also better, plus you can contribute by uploading music they don’t have
    Then some:
    -no 40 hour cap*unlimited*
    -no “are you leaching?” screens
    -it plays what ever you want!

    only con is, the radio isn’t has good at pandoras

  50. Anonymous says:

    And you won’t lose your old radio stations, they are stored on your account.
    by deleting the pandora folder you’ll just get the login screen*instead of already being loged in*

    if you forget any files though the time caries, example:
    if you have 4 hours left on one account and 30 on another, if you don’t delete all the files the 4 hours will transfer over to your 30 hour account

    ccleaner should get all the files Np

    *if need I’ll post what I have checked in CCleaner*


  51. Anonymous says:

    I try to losten to Pandora on my blackberry when I walk my dogs. I walk them every day for about 30 minutes. But I only get to listen to music on my phone for about 10 minutes. Pandora takes about 5 minutes to load, crashes shortly thereafter, and then takes another 5 minutes to reload (if at all) I was hoping to widen my music library by using Pandora instead of my Ipod, but it looks like I’m going back to Apple.

    Sorry Pandora, but facts are facts and the fact is…you suck.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Yes, Pandora is sort of a crap but I’ still using it. essay help

  53. Anonymous says:

    I Like Pandora radio!!!I have no problem with it and they play the music I LIKE more than I thought they should…lucky huh? after Yahoo went with the same as MSN…ete…etc… I started to wonder if we were listening to USSRadio or SOMETHING…!!! (and I’m not the type to listen to (pre-staged music made to (make people think) that they like that it ’cause… so called …(cool people listen or say & or try to sing that shit)listens to…) I like think that who ever I’m listening to, at least know what instrument makes that sound even if they don’t have a band and theres music of some kind coming from somwhere…WHEW,,, yeah I guess thats
    it..kind of….. -K-

  54. Anonymous says:

    txt ID ot! lol , oh hey When is Delta Rose gonna play!!!?!!!! ….?


  55. Anonymous says:

    wow thats heavy, much heavier than what I said meant..and they only save mine 4 a pre view or a per view.(poor view) PUR!!!…vi..oh well I may die never knowing….lol….lol….lol….lol

  56. Anonymous says:

    I just wish they would say the name of their “My station” after their ads…lol but i do it and only those listening too with me can hear it…..lol even if they’re not…(could be sleeping…may have already left)…I’m gonna go check bb ltr….lol

  57. Anonymous says:

    maybe John Lennon is doing it….

  58. Anonymous says:

    may6be u have a virus…lol

  59. Anonymous says:

    maybe u had a virus @ pandora.cum ,,lol

  60. Anonymous says:

    When I listen to Pandora, it’s supposed to play me Beatlesque music. I have filled my preferred artists list with all kinds of classic-rock-type acts not too far away from The Beatles, sound-wise or historically speaking. So what do I get? Well, they always lure me in with an ACTUAL Beatles song when I first log on. From that point on, they move further and further away from what I’d like to hear. I barely hear any of my preferred artists, and before you know it, I’m listening to CLASSICAL MUSIC! I do NOT have Chopin or Mahler on my list of favorite artists. I should not be hearing that music. Frankly, just listening to a typical terrestrial classic rock station is a better ‘personalized’ experience for me than Pandora. I can’t figure out why they’re so popular. Jango and Slacker are much better. Try them for yourselves if you don’t believe me.

    – Wazir Nurani

  61. Anonymous says:

    So basically you are mad because:

    Reason #1: You don’t understand how the service works.
    Reason #2: You hate music.
    Reason #3: And you have a shitty computer.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Oh the 1980’s. The last decade before Bill Clinton royally fucked the industry by consolidating ownership? Yeah that decade that was fucking awesome.

    2010 sure seems to be doing great am I right? Recession, jobs being outsourced or replaced by robots. Yeah 2010. Fucking awesome. College radio FTW.

  63. Anonymous says:

    you are one stupid ass troll. 0/10

  64. Anonymous says:

    Let me give you the back line story of HOW artists submit music to the “free” Internet radio station from a professional in the industry.

    1. Pandora demands that you distribute physical copies of your CD’s with Amazon. It’s NOT an option, you don’t sell to Amazon you’re not a contender. The problem with this is Amazon takes the largest percentage of profit over 60%!!! of ALL major music distributors out there. So the artist can barely re-coup costs for making the cd in the first place as Amazon takes the lion share for doing virtually nothing. The Artist even has to pay for shipping product to their warehouses.

    2. Your music is subjected to some “music specialist” that will listen and solely decide if it’s to be played on pandora or trash binned and NEVER allowed to re-submit. We’re talking a clueless idiot that sits in a cubicle all day and on a whim “if they’re having a good day” decides the fate of an upcoming artist or even a well established artist with a huge international fan base.

    Myself and many other Artist Managers have agreed that Pandora can stuff it as there’s so many other options out there that don’t hold the artists hostage with crappy back line deals.

    I’ll keep my Gnomes on the lawn thank you.

  65. Anonymous says:

    holy fuk NERD RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  66. Anonymous says:

    intertainment is not a word. I’m guessing you meant entertainment. Try using better English instead of substituting the word you want for “fucking”. Who’s the idiot now…

  67. Anonymous says:

    To that person who says that Pandora sucks. If you listen to Pandora while you are working on the computer and it slows the computer down, it’s time to upgrade to a faster computer. It’s is not Pandora’s fault that your computer is slow. If you don’t like Pandora, then stop listening! Maybe you can make a decision to stop doing things that annoy you. I think that your comments about Pandora suck and are unfounded. I happen to enjoy Pandora very much and find their management of the site works well. “If your not part of the solution, then your part of the problem”. Stop wining and grow up!

  68. Anonymous says:

    I’m a R&B kind of girl, and grant it, I like my occasional slow jam… HOWEVER, when 90% are slow this creates a problem. I want to enjoy Pandora when I’m cleaning or doing something that requires something upbeat in the background. Instead I get one slow song after an other. I’m playing it now and the first song was fast and the last four have been slow. REALLY, PANDORA!?? I’m trying to give Slacker Radio a shot, but I’m not crazy about the dark pages and the nagivation. I guess it’s time to fire up my iTunes and create some custom playlist. OH.. and speaking of forgetting the station you’re on. One day I was playing an Usher station, so why was it that I was getting SLOW songs from the 60s and 70s. Something has to give!

  69. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have a problem with paying for it, especially at the minimal cost they are offering the service for, I have a problem with the lack of functionality, and clearly they are making enough money to update the application to something more user focused. Version 1, which it appears we are still on was nice, but needs to be expanded now. what if I want Frank Sinatra all day, all the time? How can you do that on Pandora? You can’t, you will get everything but Frank Sinatra. And if you read through this entire blog, you will see that the biggest piece of functionality that users are requesting is to limit the “songs like” your selected artist, and play the artist you selected. Besides the add revenue they are raking in, you would be suprised how many people would pay for a subscription if they had that functionality.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Try again. I have a clean HD format on my computer, and it still eventually bogs down and blows up…as opposed to shoutcast stations and winamp, which runs fine until the sun burns out.

  71. Anonymous says:

    I’ve never had an issue with Pandora. You’re not “forced” to listen to anything if you switch radio stations. It never crashes on my PC – ya may want to check your PC or internet browser for other problems. Oh, and hey… a little secret… Pandora is FREE!

  72. Anonymous says:

    well put.

  73. Anonymous says:

    To all those of you who like Pandora; find some other cock to suck on.

    I created a Norah Jones station thinking I might discover some cool new vocal jazz artists. Instead it plays absolutely NOTHING BUT Jack Johnson and John Mayer, both of whom I completely HATE. F*&% Pandora!

    I created a Guano Apes station, hoping I would hear new bands. Instead it’s nothing but mainstream crap that I’ve heard a million f&(*$ng times already, like Stained, Breaking Benjamin, Evanescence, and Seether. Seether, by the way, is apparently Pandora’s beloved special child. If I was to make a Seether station, I suspect I would hear absolutely NOTHING BUT Seether!

    F*&% Pandora!!

    And all you twittering pathetic little fanboys can f*&%#ng blow me!!!

  74. Anonymous says:

    Mar 2012: While I don’t mind the ads in the free version of Pandora radio on my android phone, what I find unacceptable is the deplorable, distateful, sexual advertisements they’ve apparently stooped to … likely in a lame effort to piss-off listeners into paying to make the ads disappear. The ad images are smutty in nature and, in my opinion, completely contrary to the business look and feel of Pandora.com. Sad choice on their part.

  75. Anonymous says:

    You have/had a blackberry, nuff said.

  76. Anonymous says:

    As of 2011, I’ve been growing more disgusted with Pandora’s choice of advertisers. I no longer allow my children to listen to Pandora, due to the sexually-suggestive “single?” advertisers whose ad images contain suggestive girls bending over or showing cleavage (etc). I am no prude but Pandora’s poor choice in advertisers has clearly reached a desperate level. By bye Pandora…

  77. Eric says:

    Funny that none of these issues have been fixed and their suggestions still suck, and you can’t skip much.

    well friends I found Last.FM a LONG time ago, and even after the MOBILE (nothing but mobile) went to $20 a year I stuck with it.

    I started liking a lot of the unsigned indie instrumental prog rock, and if I start listening to a bands within that genre I keep getting that. Yes there are going to be some bands that have a mix of lyrics/instrumental, but Last.FM also has little known bands. Up to and including a Cleveland based prog rock band from the 60s my dad listened to. Pandora can’t come close to that experience.

    Pandora starts playing Metalica after I start listening to Bob Marley or some lame pop crap after I start listening to Radiohead.

  78. June Simmons says:

    It freezes up in the evening! I get enough of that at work!! If they can’t pull it off on the free version, I certainly will not pay to upgrade!! PANDORA SUCKS!!! I HATE IT and I will never use it again!! I would rather pay for XM, which I loathe, and will not!!! THAT’S HOW BAD PANDORA SUCKS!!!

  79. Taylor says:

    If you guys don’t like a certain product then that is that! You are using it for free so don’t complain! And if you really hate pandora THIS much then why are you giving your time just to complain about it?!
    And I have a small suggestion for pandora! Add a section where we can blacklist certain bands so they won’t ever play on any of our stations!

  80. Anon says:

    The only problem with Pandora that I have had is the limited skips. One problem is that it is never the same wait time for me to get the skips back.Sometimes I can go do something for about an hour, come back, and have my skips; but other times I have to listen to an hour’s worth of music. And for those of you dealing with the advertisements; get adblock plus. It blocks advertisements on almost every website, including youtube.

  81. […] was just hitting the scene several years ago, we posted a couple of competing reviews (the good,the bad). In a testament to how groundbreaking it was and how successful they have been with hardware […]

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