Accessorize Your Wii: Penguin United component cables and Sports Bundle

I love my Wii. It’s so cute, I just want to dress it up in little outfits and carry it in a bag like a twee lil’ dog. Since they don’t currently sell clothing accessories for the Wii, I figured I’d try some accessories that are available, sent to me by Penguin United (they also sell accessories for the PS3, Xbox 360, and DS Lite).

Penguin United sent me four items to review. I’m still testing the rechargeable battery set, so look for that review in the future, but here’s my thoughts on the other “accessowiis”:

24K Gold Plated Nintendo Wii Component Cable

photo24k_cable.jpgThis cable rocks. Since the Wii only supports up to 480p display resolution, it seems like it wouldn’t make that much of a difference if you used the standard cable or an enhanced cable. However, when I switched my Wii from the standard OEM cable to this gold-plated cable, the difference was immediately apparent. Lines were sharper and blacks seemed blacker. I also took the cable over to my sister’s house to test with their HDTV, and the difference was clear there too. It’s hard to tell in these crappy photos I took of my TV, but with the Wii-packaged cable, the blue line is kind of pixelated. With the gold-plated cable, the line is much smoother.

original_cable.jpg 24k_cable.jpg

4 in 1 Component Cable for Wii/PS2/PS3/Xbox360

4in1cable.jpgSadly, I don’t have the same love for the 4-in-1 component cable. I have a PS2 and a Wii (and a broken Xbox 360, but let’s not talk about that, *sniff*). I hooked up the PS2 and the Wii to the TV with the 4-in-1 cable. With the PS2 off, I turned on the Wii – lovely picture, but no sound. I double-checked that I’d hooked everything up correctly… yup, I sure did. So I turned on the PS2. The picture of course went crazy, but now the sound from the Wii was on. Turning both systems off, I unplugged the PS2 and tried the Wii again – the sound and the picture were both fine. Then I unplugged the Wii and plugged up the PS2, same thing, sound and picture both fine. So even though the point of the cable is to allow you to use one cable to hook up all your systems, it didn’t really work out that way. To use this cable, I’d have to constantly switch which system was plugged in. I think I’ll keep using my switcher instead.

Wii Sports Tennis, Golf Pack & Steering Wheel Bundle

sportsbundle.jpgFinally, the cuteness factor I’ve been desperately seeking! To play tennis or golf, you put the Wii remote into a case and screw in the racket or golf club head. The steering wheel fits directly on the remote without the case.

The good: If you are new to Wii Sports, these accessories can help you hold the remote correctly. (When I first started playing tennis, I tended to hold the remote incorrectly and my score reflected it.) My golf game definitely improved with the golf head, because it gave me a better view of the angles at which I needed to stop my swings. If you’re trying to lose weight the Wii way, the tennis racket will help since the added weight and wind resistance make the game much more of a workout. I used the steering wheel in a Super Monkey Ball mini-game, and I don’t know if it helped me perform better, but it was a more comfortable grip than the plain sideways remote.

The bad: If you are pretty good at Wii Sports, the accessories don’t help, and they may actually worsen your game. If you’ve got ceiling fans, you have to be even more careful with these accessories attached. The remote is definitely heavier with the accessories, and the biggest detraction is that you can’t point at the screen with the accessories on. I would flip the remote down in the case so the sensor end was visible as a pointer, then flip it back up when I need to play. This can add a bit of time and annoyance to your games.

One note, when you first attach these the connection is very tight. At first I was afraid to tighten it all the way for fear of breaking it, but it held up. Just don’t tighten it too quickly and you will be fine.

Want to win the Wii Sports Bundle or the 24K Gold Plated Component Cable? Enter our Funniest Looking Mii and Wii Haiku contests, posted in our forums!

Accessorize Your Wii: Penguin United component cables and Sports Bundle
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2 Responses to Accessorize Your Wii: Penguin United component cables and Sports Bundle

  1. Mindflux says:

    Comparing “bundled video cable” with the “Gold Plated Cable?” That’s weaksauce. The bundled cable isn’t component! It’s composite.

    Even upgrading to the Wii component cable gets you the same results.

  2. torion says:

    I don’t think the reviewer was actually *comparing* the bundled vs. the gold plated cable, just focusing on the improvement you get in using the component cable. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Especially for the average Wii user, who might not have previously known about the differences between component and composite cables. After reading this, I think a reader of at least average intelligence would be able to generalize that to other component cables (including the Wii-branded version.)

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