How to: Add Adsense code to a bbPress forum

How to: Add Adsense code to a bbPress forum

If you want to add Adsense code to a bbPress forum you’ll find it isn’t as straightforward as you might expect. bbPress has seen a resurgence in popularity lately due to its association with BuddyPress, but plugin development hasn’t yet caught up. In fact, if you’ve gotten accustomed to the ease with which you canContinue Reading

Can a legitimate website aggregator be successful?

Can a legitimate website aggregator be successful?

To answer the question of whether a legitimate news or website aggregator can be successful on today’s Internet, you really have to consider a few other questions: Can you find a blogging platform that provides you with the aggregation features you need (or design your own services from scratch)? Can you get access to contentContinue Reading

The Three Best Music Streaming Options

The Three Best Music Streaming Options

If you’re wondering which music streaming service is best for you, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve evaluated of some of the top contenders and compiled a list of the three services that provide the best options and features. As you might expect, the one that is ultimately best for you depends on whatContinue Reading

Creating poster photo collages

When two geeks get together and have a baby, they tend to create geek baby projects. We took at least one digital photo of our little girl every day for the first 365 days of her life. At the end of all that, we wanted to create a poster photo collage. The problem we foundContinue Reading

Office 2010

Our company recently started rolling out Office 2010 to anyone who needed any kind of computer fix. Problem is, no one knows how to use it yet, and we don’t have any formal training or support for Office 2010. I’m in the process of learning Office 2010 so that I can offer a quick overviewContinue Reading

Overdue Review: Keeping it together with GrandCentral

Damnit. I’ve been working on a great review of GrandCentral’s online service for several (ok several, several) months and we keep finding a reason to postpone it. First, there was the buyout by Google and as usually happens, no one cared about the service, they just cared about the price. Then there was the factContinue Reading

Installing PHP 5 and Apache 2.2 on Vista

Sometimes you want to get things done right and sometimes you just want to get them done. When you’re installing a PHP 5 and Apache 2.2 development setup on Windows Vista using the automatic installers, it may seem like neither one of these is an option. This quick tip is going to save you aContinue Reading

Will AT&T burn you with the new iPhone?

Are you one of the loyal AT&T customers who will have to pay full price to upgrade to the new version of the iPhone? The jaw-droppingly low, AT&T subsidized rate for the newest iteration of the iPhone was one of the biggest announcements of Job’s keynote speech at Apple’s WWDC. But don’t get caught upContinue Reading

QuickTip: Fixing a Bluetooth® pairing problem in MacOS

If you’re having problems pairing a Bluetooth® device (for example a phone or PDA) with your Mac here is a quick suggestion. Make sure that your computer’s name (listed under System Preferences –> Sharing) is less than 20 characters. Longer names can cause problems with the pairing process in some versions of MacOS.Continue Reading

A review of the ShoppingAds and AuctionAds services

I’ve been testing the AuctionAds and ShoppingAds services for several months now. Despite some promising results early on (as mentioned in this post), I am very disappointed with the overall results. Over the past six months, I tested a variety of AuctionAds and ShoppingAds ad blocks from in numerous positions on various sites. As aContinue Reading